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Who are we?

Each year, hundreds of young physicians are looking for a job and a practice to fulfill their professional ambitions. Despite word of mouth and taking in account the work permits imposed to the graduates, there simply isn’t enough occasions for health establishments to expose the multiple advantages related to their work setting even though it is of the uttermost importance in the recruitment effort. FuturMD is voicing all health employers and managers wanting to draw tomorrow's physicians attention in order to collaborate and grow with them.

For physicians, by physicians

Our mission is to improve and facilitate a physician’s decision process leading to the selection of a practice workplace. Already under tremendous pressure from the restrictive work permits, it is our deep wish that our colleagues can weigh all options available out there in order to better plan their forthcoming transition out of university’s healthcare facilities.

We understand that physician recruitment is quite hard at the moment. Employers can now rely on our channel to reach hundreds of young doctors in the making and more experienced physicians too.

From the start, we will be proactive and engage with our generation colleagues during events they hold dear. By doing so, we will offer health establishments an unprecedented visibility through FuturMD (e.g. MedGames, Annual Family Médecine Conference Mexico, AMRMs themed evenings).

A mobile platform for the newest MD generation in constant evolution

We planned the platform according to our beliefs in the strongest and most pertinent features for both health employers and physicians. We are eager to know what you think about it so we can help it evolve toward your needs. You can leave us your comments directly on our contact page.

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Dr. Charles-Alexandre Lacroix, MD
Resident III (EM), Family Medicine Université Laval
President of FuturMD