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Confidentiality policy

FuturMD respects the privacy rights of its users and employers. Rest assured that no personal information is collected on FuturMD without your consent. Advertisers, clients, employers and partners of FuturMD don't have access to your information at any given time. If ever we request information for another purpose, you will be automatically and explicitly informed at the time such information is requested.

We will never disclose any personal information to parties outside of FuturMD without your explicit prior consent. Furthermore, please be advised that all personal information collected by FuturMD is stored in server sectors that are inaccessible to the public.

In summary, the following are the only times at which FuturMD may disclose your personal information: upon request by a legal authority or in good faith when such action is deemed necessary (a) in order to abide by applicable laws or regulations or to intervene in a lawsuit against FuturMD; (b) in order to protect or defend the legal or property rights of FuturMD or those of its users; and (c) to intervene, under extreme circumstances, in order to protect the personal safety of FuturMD users or the safety of the general public.

At certain times, our users might be invited to answer to a set of questions or a survey. In such case, informations are collected and used thoughtfully to make sure you receive the most targeted information on our products of interest to you. To improve our services, FuturMD and its partners, Google included, can use cookies to broadcast advertising content of interest related according to previous visits on our  website. These cookies can be used to broadcast target advertisement on other websites than FuturMD based on your web behaviors. The FuturMD user can deactivate the cookies use preferences of its internet browser and can deactivate the use of cookies by a third parties via the following website: deactivation by Network Advertising Initiative. The FuturMD website can also use Google services inherently working with cookie technology such as Teracent and DoubleClick. FuturMD users can deactivate cookies usage by accessing both cookie deactivation pages of Teracent and DoubleClick.

FuturMD's website contains links leading to websites managed by third parties: these links are only suggestions for your interest. The activation of these links will make you leave our website. Be aware that FuturMD doesn't have any control on third party websites.  FuturMD doesn't assume any liability related to the interactions of our users on third party websites linked to FuturMD. Thus, any personal information given to third party websites other than FuturMD should abide by these specific websites confidentiality policies.  In order to promote users to make MD and candidate referrals, FuturMD is committed to send job offers to your referrals anonymously. FuturMD is also committed to keep all information regarding these referrals confidential along with the information of the people initially making the referrals.

At any moment, we reserve the right to modify this document and its inherent confidentiality policy. We invite you to visit periodically this rubric to verify if any changes were made. If you disagree with any of these conditions and terms, we suggest that you unsubscribe from our list of users (link in our newsletter).